Chena Hot Springs resort is also home to the Aurora Ice Museum. The first version of the Aurora Ice Hotel was erected in 2004. It has an ice bar offering appletinis in ice glasses. Chandeliers carved in ice crystals that change colors every six seconds, a huge chess set, life size jousting knights, and an ice fireplace. It is possible to spend the night there for $600.00. I don’t know if that is double occupancy. The architects are Steve Brice, 15 time World Ice Champion and his wife Heather, a six time World Ice imageimageimageimageimageimageChampion. Oh, there is also a chapel where an average of 20 weddings a year are performed. The overall effect is otherworldly and incredibly beautiful. We got to take our glasses home, where we enjoyed another adult beverage before they melted. The last photo shows the workshop where all of the lovely ice sculptures are created.