I have read and have been reading a lot of books about Alaska over the years and they have been all true stories and adventure. Once I start one I’m hooked till I’m done.   One great set of books is about a husband and wife team that canoed and spent winters there including on the Arctic Ocean. There are 5 books by those two plus some done solo.  I am now reading them for the 3rd time.  Linda is reading them and she is incredulous that they had the courage to do what they did. Every book could be a movie. They are both dead now, but one amazing thing is the husband died in Wickenburg Az a few years back which is where we winter and have a house. I had no idea at the time. Anyway I have some game regulations from 1944 when they spent their first year there.     This is a yearly limit.   Bull moose. One each,  caribou 3 each, mountain goats 3 each, grizzly bear no limit, black bear 3 each, ptarmigan and grouse 10 daily,  geese 2 daily,..I don’t know about fish but I’m sure the sky is the limit. And one winter they came close to starving and they were quality hunters. image image image image