Linda had been in Texas helping her daughter with the birth of her 4th child. So I thought I would head for Wasilla and hang out with Sara. We looked for Russia but couldn’t see it from her house. I find out it was SNL that said that. But we did fly to the Arctic Ocean and played beer pong. Took a snow machine to Denali and made a quick climb to the top. We took a ATV to the north of Fairbanks and arm wrestled a Grizzly. We took a fishing boat out to Kodiak and almost sunk the boat with the weight of all the halibut and salmon we caught. And for a topper we slid down the entire length of the pipeline and did a swan dive into Prince William Sound at the end. But I must say, Sara is Palin comparison to my Linda.  We will be back on the road in a few days with some ” really” exciting adventures 👍image image