We arrived in Redmond Or where we left the motor home and started our trip to Alaska…. 9208 miles later and over 2 months ago. It was a great trip. Everyone must take this trip by road. Not air, not ship, The Road.. And don’t be afraid to go into the boonies.  Looking back, water in various forms, size, temperatures, flowing, still, colors, snow, ice  etc was the most viewed and photographed . Combined with the mountainsimage and lush greenery, the trip is full of wow moments. We left behind many unphotographed  areas as they were so spectacular a photo could do them no justice. ….We got along famously in our 7×8 home with shower and john and kitchen and loft and occasionally a TV.  We spent a lot of time outside in our lawn chairs. We also checked out many eating spots with great results. Also sampled as many different brews as we could find…at least I did.  Linda likes her scotch ..on our way back heading south we came upon more population and more traffic and both of us at the same time didn’t like the feeling of leaving such a wonderful easy pace and the land of the midnight sun.