The Sluice Box. Dollar bills on the wall dating back to the 80’s. Bet there were great times there. No cops for 100 miles or more but they took care of their own

Yesterday on the 145 mile gravel road, which I really love, we stopped at a outpost called Gracious House. A lodge, a restaurant, a repair shop, a super cub plane. When you pull up the sign says honk the horn and we will open up the restaurant.  It took some honks and a lady came out and opened and more people showed up. We sent her husband down the road to rescue a lady with car trouble. The restaurant bar was a old single wide trailer house. Very unique I must say. I liked it. The owners have been there since 1980’s. They want to sell and retire. They go to Yuma in the winter as they bought a home there. image image image image